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Wallpaper - no limits, just pure imagination that is natural on your walls. Most popular and trendy options in 2022.

March 02, 2022 3 min read

Wallpaper - no limits, just pure imagination that is natural on your walls. Most popular and trendy options in 2022.

In the rating of interior finishing materials, wallpapers do not lose their leading positions in 2022. Thanks to the constant improvement of quality by wallpaper-making companies that consider fashion trends in interior design.

Wallpaper in natural colors remains a stylish and versatile base for minimalistic discreet interiors, but for those who like to take a chance and choose something more interesting, an impressive scope for imagination opens up!

Innovative trends in large-scale wallpaper production strike with various materials, textures, patterns. The following options remain very popular among many clients of Wall Boutique:

Textile wallpapers - exquisite decor with a special touch

Cozy and textured wallpapers made of felt, silk, jute, linen, and synthetic fibers stand out among the variety of finishing materials in 2022. They provide good thermal insulation and sound absorption thanks to vinyl or non-woven bases.

Sustainability can also be noted among the advantages of textile wallpaper. As well as their light resistance, which means they won't fade away with time.

beautiful gray wallpaper in modern interior, a chair in front and a lamp

Textile wallpapers with natural linen, cotton, silk, and viscose are highly demanded. Such wallpapers are perfect for masking slight imperfections on the walls and, due to their wear-resistant retain their shape for many years. 

Silk wallpapers look luxurious in any room. Felt soft surface wallpapers are pleasant for tactile sensations and perfectly mask minor flaws in wall surfaces. Jute varieties give your walls an expressive natural texture, bringing an atmosphere of calm, coziness, and comfort.

3D wallpaper - a stylish interior wallpaper with a three-dimensional effect

Minimalistic wallpaper design that has dominated over the past few years, although still popular, gradually gives way to various bright, creative design trends in wall decoration such as 3D wallpaper.

brown textured wallpaper , blue velvet sofa in front

creamy 3d wallpaper by the white table

Volumetric flowers, animalistic scenes, geometric shapes, abstract compositions create a realistic atmosphere, instantly changing any room, filling it with modern dynamism. Therefore, 3D wallpapers are recommended for accent walls only with single color walls surrounding them.

Ethno-wallpaper - an ageless classic

In the fashionable interiors of 2022, colorful modern canvases with ethnographic themes occupy a special place. Exotic motifs always look bold and original, provided that a single style is maintained with an impeccable sense of proportions.

big floor to ceiling window, gray wallpaper with tribal ornaments

Ethno-style wallpapers often include eye-catching color solutions, national ornamental motifs, a riot of plant forms, the presence of animalistic themes. If desired, you can bring a fantastic feeling of African settlements, Indian originality, exquisite Egyptian style, sophisticated Arabic sound into the room.

zebra and other animals wallpaper

brown wooden clothes storage and green velvet chair

Muted pattern and non-pattern wallpapers- simplicity with a taste

Trendy among our clients' universal non-contrasting wallpapers - floral, geometric, or lined in very light colors (gray, bluish, coffee, beige) or one-color combinations.

blue wallpaper and cream couch, dark green kitchen and green wallpaper

The splendor of blurry pastel tones such as white, gray, cream, and sand colors fit into various interior styles and add a feeling of light and spaciousness to any room. However, light beige, delicate creamy, lavender, pinkish, mint color wallpapers are also on-trend in 2022 and quite frequently used in bedroom wall decoration.

bedroom with gray wallpaper with sparkly circles. and tender pink wallpaper for living room

 black table in the middle of the room, white book shelf behind, chairs and frames on walls

When choosing trendy wallpapers in 2022, it is essential to decide not just on the color and ornamental theme, but also on how to use them to create a harmonious holistic feel of your space where everything fits organically and brings you a huge sense of comfort, joy and harmony.

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