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At Wall Boutique, we are passionate about making dreams come true. We are committed to creating a truly unique and special space you deserve. Our company offers the most fashion-forward range of beautiful, premium quality wallpapers and window treatments. We have over 400 available materials that will help you express your style and add instant character to any room.

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We are proud to have an extensive portfolioof completed projects across Miami and beyond.

Clients Testimonials

“From beginning to the end you can always count on the Wall Boutique team. They are always available. Products and installation are very high end. I highly recommend them.”

Khadine Schultz Interiors

“Updated company with a very good service and a very attentive team! They never disappointed me. Always helpful! Wall Boutique Thank you for all!!!”

Erika Di Cesare


Discover the way our inspiring wallpaper styles will transform your home décor

The Process

Step 1

Our knowledge team will first understand individual needs in terms of color, texture and desired area. We will then begin presenting options that will best create the result and budget you are looking for. This process can be done in one of our local showrooms or at the convenience of your home

Step 2

Once the options are selected, we will personally measure your walls and provide an estimate within 2-3 days that will include installation. We trust our professional and licensed team of installers and guarantee their work; however you are welcome to use yours.

Step 3

Once the final selection and quote are approved, we require 60% deposit to place the order and the remaining balance when the job is finalized.

Step 4

Our purchasing department will then begin tracking your order by checking stock availability, lead time and schedule your tentative installation date. Depending on the brand it may take 3 days to 3 weeks for the wallpaper to arrive. You will be informed of the progress and we will coordinate with your building, when necessary; insurance and requirements needed at the day of installation.

Step 1

Someone in our team will first understand your needs and preferences, including type of shades, desired area and results you are looking for. We can then provide a rough estimate (need better wording here) based on the measurements you give us or we can personally measure your windows at the convenience of your home free of charge.

Step 2

We will show you samples of the materials and once the final options are selected, we will send an estimate within 2-3 days.

Step 3

Once the quote is approved, we require 60% deposit to place the order and take final measurement in order to send to production. The remaining balance is due when the job is finalized.

Step 4

Our purchasing and production department will keep track of your order and will inform you of a tentative installation date. Turnaround time can vary between 3-5 weeks depending on the size and complexity of the job. In the interim, we will contact your building and send the required insurance paperwork, as needed.

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“Excellence in customer service, attention to detail and dedication are the key to our success.”


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