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Zebra "Day and Night" Shades - ZES001

Zebra shades or so-called "Day and Night Shades", also known as transitional shades, are a stylish choice as they create privacy along with proper lighting. Fine regulation of the volume of natural light in the room helps to avoid blind glare, overheating the air. This is relevant for residential and office spaces facing the solar side. Modern design inventions make it possible to gracefully and efficiently solve the problem. It is enough to use roll curtains day and night, which are called zebra for a characteristic striped structure.
At Wall Boutique we offer a wide variety of  Zebra shades in different fabrics and designs, from sheer metallic to a more subtle, natural looks.
Zebra Shades benefits: 
  • Adjustable, alternating sheer and solid stripes allow total light control and operate just as a classic roller shade would.
  • Can be manually operated or motorized.