Screen Roller Shade- SRS004

Wall Boutique offers an extensive variety of high-quality Screen Roller shades.
Choose the material, texture, opening, and color according to your specific needs and unique home decor. 
Screen roller shades are a popular version of the functional design of the window in the kitchen, in the dressing room, or bathroom with a window, a choice unequivocally recommended by decorators and designers. The rolling shade works perfectly in sun-filled rooms when you want to achieve a quick and partial shading of the window.

Screen Roller Shades benefits:
  • Conserve energy and lower your bill.
  • Absorb heat and control sun glare.
  • Block harmful UV rays, which are responsible for fading furniture and floors.
  • Can be operated manually or remotely through our motorized options
  • A perfect solution for parlors, dining areas, kitchens, sunrooms, libraries, closets,
    office spaces, and any other place you desire.

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